Uitto 1.jpgAutumn 48x48.jpgSerenity Pool 30x30 800px.jpegAutumn 30x40.jpgKindred Spirits.jpgJuneTilling-oil-20x30.jpegRose Wind 60x30.jpgRosie 30x24.JPGSawtooth Wildflowers 36x48.jpgEgret I  18x22  .jpgIn Vino Veritas 11x6.jpgThe Red Aspen 24x18.JPGWinter Dance.jpgLast Look Back 17.5x26.5.jpgHayfields 14x11.JPGA Mother Bear 19x12x12.jpgSawtooth Reflection-Little Redfish Lake 21.5x48.jpgStroll in the Bitterroots 6x12 MS.jpg




In 1982, George and Diane Kneeland founded Kneeland Gallery. It is located in the scenic Wood River Valley, home of the world renowned ski resort of Sun Valley. The Gallery consists of one main gallery room used for the special monthly rotating exhibit and six smaller rooms that display other works by the core of artists represented.


Approximately 40 nationally recognized artists are represented at the gallery. The majority of these artists live and work in Western United States. Works range in styles from realism to impressionism. A variety of subject matters are available, however an emphasis is put on regional landscape and contemporary western figurative works. Mediums of focus are original paintings, sculpture and fine art prints.