Carol Alleman News!

Carol’s work will be featured in the Illuminations section of the August/September 2014 Issue of Western Arts & Architecture magazine. It is a beautiful publication so don’t forget to pick up a copy!

In Vino Veritas DetailAdditionally, Carol has taken on a new patina artist for all of her work, and is very excited to announce that Nathan Bennett will be doing her patinas. While some may not be familiar with his work, he is a master patineur with a quite notable reputation and an artist himself. The patination of Carol’s work is highly integral to the true essence of it and her patinas are not simple or uncomplicated. They are both unique and vibrant while also warmly organic. She is both honored and inspired that Bennett has taken on her work with such profound enthusiasm. She has been spending time working with Nathan and will continue to work closely with him through the process – she holds a true passion for this beautifully alchemic process.

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