Bart Walker

Bart Walker, a native of Birmingham, Alabama was influenced by his father, who worked in watercolor, and an older brother, who is an accomplished draftsman and oil painter. Following a visit from both his father and brother, in the mid 90’s Bart began his career in oil painting. “Standing behind my brother on the shores of String Lake in Teton National Park I was amazed at how easily he captured the scenery. I then thought to myself, I can do that. I soon realized the difficult path I had chosen and began a long journey into the craft of oil painting.”

Workshops with distinguished artists such as; Matt Smith, Skip Whitcomb, Robert Moore and others helped develop Walker’s talent.

“Living in Teton Valley, Idaho” observes Walker, “I’ll always have beautiful places to paint. As an artist, I enjoy painting still life, architectural and figurative works. Some artists are known for painting landscapes well, or perhaps people well” says Walker thoughtfully. “I want to be known for painting all subjects well.”

Walker’s work is exhibited year round at Kneeland Gallery, Ketchum, Idaho, where he has participated in two Plein Air exhibitions and several group shows.