D. Lee

Secrets Painted Desert In the Bosal

D. divides her time between the Bluegrass of Kentucky and the Rocky Mountain West.  “The majority of my life I spent in the west.  So even though I love my piece of heaven here on the farm, there is always a pull to get back to the mountains and the hugeness of the landscape there.”

“The most enjoyable part of art for me is gathering references.  I am happiest in a field of mares and foals, in the mountains looking for elk and moose, anywhere there are animals I love to be, sketching, photographing or just observing.  When I am gathering reference material, every painting is a tremendous possibility unhindered by my own limitations.

Animals have always been and still are such an intrinsic part of my life. They have been my companions, my sanctuary, my solace in dark times and now the source of my inspiration for my art. I never tire of watching them.  I love to paint what I find beautiful, and therefore animals are an easy choice for me.  They each have a unique beauty and soul that is my goal to capture.

There are so many other animal lovers in the world and I love connecting to them through my paintings.”

She has been privileged to study with “incredible artists” such as Morgan Weistling, Dan Mieduch, Dave Wade, Tom Browning, Greg Beecham, Jim Norton, Gary Carter and Sam Savitt.  “They are some of the best, and have been huge influences at every stage of my journey. I know I only retained a tenth of their valuable information, and I’m really hoping for some repeats.”

 D. was a well known Quick Draw artist at the Phippen Art Show for years, and now participates every year in the Jackson Hole Quick Draw during the ever popular Fall Arts Festival.

 She is an associate member of Oil Painters of America and the American Impressionist Society.