Jack Braman


            My paintings are more than a representation of the visual beauty, they express the emotional and spiritual relationship I feel for the landscape.

            As often as possible, I load my backpack with a sketchpad, pencils, a few paints, and my camera to venture out into the wilderness to re-ignite my passion, and expand on my interrelationship with the landscape.

            As I hike further from the confusions of civilization and deeper into the natural work where the simplicity if life is realized and transitions and subtle, all that becomes important is what is experience along the path. The mind tranquilized by the serene sounds, travels to deeper thoughts. The heart, pierced by the beauty, fills with emotions. The soul, jumbled by the realities of God’s creations, celebrates. And for a time, the mind, the heart, and the soul dance as one.

            This harmonious dance is what I refer to as the poetry of life. It is during this dance that the spirit of the artist emerges, inspirations are formed, and paintings receive life.

            Not all of my time exploring the landscape is in poetic bliss. But, whatever challenges I encounter, they are endured by my quest for a better understanding of the shapes, lighting, and colors that collectively provide each landscape with a unique character.

            Whether I am out with the landscape of in the solitude of my studio, I paint with a non-compromising determination to deliver paintings that are structurally sound, color balanced, and compositionally pleasing. I paint with more than knowledge and understanding. I paint with emotions that give my paintings life, and a spiritual gratitude that endow my paintings with significance.