Neal Philpott


My landscapes are an attempt to capture the transitory character of the natural world. I paint landscape as a way to preserve or recall a particular scene that I would otherwise pass by. I love how light can animate even the most ordinary scene, and I hope to express that quiet joy by creating a lasting impression of that moment on canvas. I look for the overlapping patterns in nature for my subjects. Often these are more sensed than seen—it takes careful observation of the nuanced colors and the multitude of details to discover the inherent composition in a landscape.

Once these patterns reveal themselves, I interpret them with oil paint. It begins with the careful choosing and mixing of colors while being sensitive to values and color temperatures. These are then applied to the canvas in layers using purposeful brush strokes. Selective glazing is then used to add depth. My satisfaction with a painting comes from how well the distillation of the information
I saw in a scene comes together to capture the mood.

My hope for viewers is that they feel invited into the painting. I like to think of my paintings as gateways into a different way of seeing our world. Our busy lives demand so much of our attention that moments of reflection are precious but all too often are overlooked. Capturing a momentary scene in paint saves that moment for subsequent reflection.

I am also an avid musician, runner, and hiker, all which influence my art. Trying to master the complex phrasing of a seemingly simple blues tune reminds me of the challenge of mixing the subtle variations of colors found in nature. Running in my rural neighborhood, I notice the fleeting changes of mood and light in the everyday, which inspires me to try to paint those passing moments.


American Art Collector July 2012


Shows/Juried Exhibitions

Kneeland Gallery, Nature’s Garden, Ketchum, Idaho, (Sept. 2017)

Gallery 903, In Real Time, Portland, Oregon (Aug. 2017)

Columbia Center for the Arts, Men’s Art: The Hero’s Journey, Hood River, Oregon (Jan. 2017)

Roby King Galleries, Christmas Show, Bainbridge Island, Washington (Dec. 2016)

Oregon State University, Art About Agriculture, Corvallis, Oregon (June 2016)

Roby King Galleries, Land & Sea, Bainbridge Island, Washington (May 2016)

Kneeland Gallery, The Places You’ll Go, Ketchum, Idaho, (Feb. 2016)

Gallery 903, Intersections with the Gorge, Portland, Oregon (Nov./Dec.2015)

Sitka Art Invitational, Portland, Oregon (Nov. 2015)

Kneeland Gallery, Rites of Spring, Ketchum, Idaho, (Mar. 2015)

Roby King Galleries, Small Works Show, Bainbridge Island, Washington (Dec. 2014)

Sitka Art Invitational, Portland, Oregon (Nov. 2014)

Sugarman Peterson Gallery, Characteristics of Nature, Santa Fe, New Mexico (Aug. 2014)

Kneeland Gallery, Vistas and Visions, Ketchum, Idaho, (July 2014)

Roby King Galleries, Far & Near – Solo Show, Bainbridge Island, Washington (May 2014)

Roby King Galleries, Small Works Show, Bainbridge Island, Washington (Dec. 2013)

Sitka Art Invitational, Portland, Oregon (Nov. 2013)

Kneeland Gallery, Town and Country, Ketchum, Idaho, (Feb. 2013)

Roby King Galleries, Small Works Show, Bainbridge Island, Washington (Dec. 2012)

Sitka Art Invitational, Portland, Oregon (Nov. 2012)

Lawrence Gallery, New Landscapes in Oil, Gleneden Beach, Oregon (Oct. 2012)

Roby King Galleries, Solo Exhibition, Bainbridge Island, Washington (July 2012)

Roby King Galleries, Small Works Show, Bainbridge Island, Washington (Dec. 2011)

Sitka Art Invitational, Portland, Oregon (Nov. 2011)

Lawrence Gallery, Neal Philpott, Oils, Gleneden Beach, Oregon (Oct. 2011)

Roby King Gallery, Americana, Bainbridge Island, Washington (July 2011)

Peterson-Cody Gallery, Ruralscapes, Santa Fe, New Mexico (June 2011)

Roby King Gallery, Streets and Roads, Bainbridge Island, Washington (May 2011)

Blue Horse Gallery, Flora & Fauna, Bellingham, Washington (May 2011)

Roby King Gallery, Water Shapes II, Bainbridge Island, Washington (March 2011)

Galerie Belle Ame, One Man Show, Eagle, Idaho (March 2011)

Peterson-Cody Gallery, Third Place winner, Fresh Paint Competition, Santa Fe, New Mexico (Dec. 2010)

Sitka Art Invitational, Portland, Oregon (Nov. 2010)

Lawrence Gallery, Catching the Look, Sheridan, Oregon (Nov./Dec. 2010)

Lawrence Gallery, New Landscapes in Oil, Gleneden Beach, Oregon (Sept./Oct. 2010)

Columbia Center for the Arts, 2010 Pacific Northwest Plein Air Competition, Hood River, OR (Sept. 2010)

Gallery by the Bay, Brushes with the Land, Stanwood, Washington (June 2010)

Roby King Gallery, 4 Man Show, Bainbridge Island, Washington (May 2010)

Estacada Arts Commission, Estacada on the Clackamas, Estacada, Oregon (May 2010)

Columbia Center for the Arts, Agriculture, Hood River, Oregon (May 2010)

The McKenzie River Trust, The Living River, Eugene, Oregon (Apr. 2010)

Williamette Falls Heritage Foundation, Art & Industry – Bull Run Powerhouse (Oct. 2009)

Allison Inn & Spa, “Art of the Allison Collection”, Newberg, Oregon (Sept. 2009)

Roby King Gallery, Contemporary Realism, Bainbridge Island, Washington (July 2009)

Lawrence Gallery, Fleeting Views, Portland, Oregon (January 2009)

Williamette Falls Heritage Foundation, Art & Industry – Hawley Powerhouse (Oct. 2008)

Roby King Gallery, Miniatures Show, Bainbridge Island, Washington (Dec. 2008)



Lawrence Gallery, The Ephemeral Northwest Landscape, Sheridan, Oregon (June 2008)

Roby King Gallery, Translate the Landscape, Bainbridge Island, Washington (July 2008)

Sitka Art Invitational, Portland, Oregon (1995 – 2006)

Margo Jacobson Gallery, Portland, Oregon (1998 – 2000)

Gango Gallery, Portland, Oregon (1995 – 1996)


Corporate Collections & Private Collections – selected list

Mr. and Mrs. Slavi Vorobiev, Moscow, Russia

Gov. Jay Inslee, Bainbridge Island, Washington

Ms. Cynthia Sears, Bainbridge Island, Washington

Bureau of Land Management, Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, Utah

Morrison Karsten Group, Santa Rosa, California

Eteck, Inc., Beaverton, Oregon

Columbia Funds, Inc., Portland Oregon

Ms. Mia Mather, New York, New York

Ms. Karlene Kahlstrom, Bellingham, Washington

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Lamphere, Portland, Oregon

Ms. Shannon O’Mahony, Boise, Idaho

Mr. and Mrs. John Scofield, Washington DC, Maryland

Mr. Greg Kammerer, New York, New York

Ms. Christina Pera, Milwaukee, Oregon

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Anderson, Houston, Texas

Mr. Jack Dolhinow, Berkeley, California

Ms. Hilde Kahn, Potomac, Maryland

Dr. Diane Husband, Mr. Lynn Husband, Sherwood, Oregon

Mr. Wolfgang Janko, Salsburg, Austria

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Adams, Indian Springs, California



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Bachelor of Fine Arts, Center for Creative Studies-College of Art and Design, Detroit, Michigan (1980)